We are nature.

We are nature. One of the underlying western cultural beliefs is that we are separate from nature, that nature is isolated and framed as a picturesque scene without people. It's not just about experiencing nature, it's about being part of nature. The environment is around us, in us, and us in it. The Ipsoot journey is about reconnection to our natural world. Touch, smell, taste, see and move through our incredible landscapes, not just as an observer but as a member of our planet. Join us in being part of our natural world through appreciation and experience.


Imagine that wilderness landscape...

And insert yourself!


Be part of the natural world. 

Our trips are designed and located in rich landscapes that allow us to interact with place and practice skill that connects us with our environment. Environmental education through place-based learning is part of every trip and you'll find you're experiences are enriched by this education.