"Kinda feels like rohan with more flowers"


Shaped by fire and ice, the Chilcotin provide rich high alpine meadows with a range of volcanic and post-glacial geologic forms. There are little to no glaciers but the drier climes mean less rain, and when there's squelching heat, jump in one of the hundreds of lakes. It's not uncommon to see grizzlies and marmots roaming the meadows and you'll get the chance to summit beautiful peaks. When it comes to enjoying beautiful hikes in Switzerland style meadows, there is no better place than the Chilcotins.

Chilcotin is an anglicized word referring to the Tsilquot'in (pronounced Tzil-coht-een) people, meaning 'People of the River'.

Though a drier climate, rain or snow may hit at any time but don't worry, we supply highly waterproof tents and large tarps just incase we're caught in a storm. 

Our favourite Coast Mountain locations include:

  • Cayoosh Range
  • South Chilcotin (Spruce Lake area)
  • Tsi'qutl (Painted) Mountains (known as Rainbow Range)
  • Stein Valley

Environmental topics include:

  • Post-glacier geomorphology & erosional processes
  • Volcanism in BC
  • Grizzly alpine food sources
  • Mountain wild edibles
  • Forest Fire ecology
  • Mountain Hydrology
  • Aquatic ecosystems


Learning topics include:

  • Traditional Mountain Goat hunting
  • Canadian Gold rush history
  • Traditional grease trails and trade
  • Local First Nation current affairs.



    Inquire about custom trips for other Chilcotin locations such as:

    • Edziza Plateau
    • Spatsizi Range
    • The Cadwallader Range
    • Spruce Lake
    • Chilko Lake (Ts'yl-os)
    • Tatlayoko Lake
    • Taseko Lake
    • etc.

    2018 Trips

    Tsi'qutl Mountains: Aug 21-27

    This 7 day trip in Tweedsmuir Park explores the incredible volcanic regions of the Rainbow Range and Chilcotin Plateau in traditional Ulkathcho First Nation territory. Tsi'qutl is Athapaskan for 'painted'. $1450 CAD full price plus tax. Inquire about dates.

    6 spots available.

    Place a 20% ($290) Deposit to book your spot.