The Ipsoot Story


About Ipsoot Journeys

After more than half-a-decade of Coast Mountain expeditions, outdoor education work, hiking, nature and grizzly bear guiding, Sam McKoy started Ipsoot Journeys in the hope of sharing experiences and providing people with meaningful connections to nature through these experiences

Ipsoot Journeys is not just about going out and saying "that was a beautiful place", it's about falling in love with the landscapes. It's about opportunity to learn about the area, the culture, the issues facing it. Meanwhile, you might learn about yourself, find an inner peace or at the very least, breathe a deep breath.


explore        your wild side

taste            the glacial wind

Feel              the Morning mist

Embrace        reconnecting with the land


Did you know we donate 4% of all our revenue towards various environmental, community and cultural initiatives?

Why are bookings not available offered after a certain point?

Because our guides work all over Canada and the world with various operations and when not hired by us, they will be pursuing other work. Feel free to contact us to book after the posted date but if don't wait too long if your thinking about booking before the posted date.

Why Choose Ipsoot?

  • Safety through professional ACMG and highly trained hiking guides and outdoor educators
  • Unparalleled locations
  • Quality and comfortable tents
  • High level of organization and flexibility
  • A commitment to our communities and environment

The Name

The name Ipsoot, originating from the Chinook Jagon (or wawa) meaning 'hidden' or 'to hide'. The Ipsoot Journey is characterizes personal journeys of growth through experience and reflection; it's about reconnection to nature through place-based learning. 

Ipsoot is also the name of a mountain in our home base of Pemberton that dominates right above the town and in all its modesty, is hidden to any who would look at it from the valley. 

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Were in the people business


Atna Adventures

In Athapaskan language Atna (or Ahtna) most commonly means people or 'the people'. But not just any people, people from elsewhere or 'foreigners'. Chilko Basecamps and Ipsoot Journeys are the winter and summer divisions respectively of Atna Adventures. Atna Adventures is committed to people coming from near and far and fostering the experiences and growth that comes with spending time in the wilds.